Who is He?

Never Stopped & Never Will,
High-On Energy, Strategy to Slay.

Wondering who this gentleman is?

Hi, I am Harshavardhan Jain.

I am a human playing multiple characters in this play called life. At night I am a Script Writer, on weekends, I turn into a Motivational Speaker, every morning I wake up as an Entrepreneur, and in the afternoon, I wear my Business Consulting Suit on!

When I work with a Business Consulting Team, my mind works like a salesman trying to sell products. All I can think about is the monthly target and a strategy to outscore the previous month's targets.

When I meet the Founders of Budding Startups, my brain automatically filters out investor pitch, monetization model, sales & marketing strategies, and Go-To-Market Strategy.

Whenever I visit colleges or institutions, I transform into a career counselor, spreading out motivational messages & knowledge that I have gathered over the years.

Working alongside digital marketers, I turn into a Brand & Content Specialist, giving them ideas on how to plan their content strategy, brand their product online, and, most importantly, change their tactics with changing user needs.

And, last but not least, when I see turmoil & confusion in people's eyes, I turn into their personal counselor. And, if by any chance I have some time left or probably a time stolen from my sleep, my ink gives birth to stories waiting to be turned into awe-inspiring movies.

I am an extension of your team, a buffer to fill the gap, a mind to initiate ideas, and an executor to take it forward. Harshavardhan Jain, always at your disposal!


#172, 4th Cross, HSR Layout
+91 82475 93271