Investor Pitch Models

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Investor Pitch Models

In your entrepreneurial journey, there will come a time when you would want to pitch your innovative ideas to the investors. But, mind you, you only get one chance to do that! That one deck that you send to your prospective investors is enough to create an everlasting impression of your product. If not done right, you can make you turn from closing the deal to losing the deal.

Having years of experience in rendering assistance in creating a well-crafted pitch, I know the art of Brand Storytelling. The main challenge you would face as a young company looking for funding is to distill your brand story into an irresistibly compelling story that both sells and captivates the minds of investors.

There are many critical aspects of a pitch deck, including your team, company description, purpose, problem statement, solution via product, market size/landscape, fundamental business model, existing market competition, customer acquisition strategy, tractions, and financials.

Understanding the ins and outs of your business model, I create an outline for your business plan. Using the outline, I create generic FAQs that answer all the questions a prospective investor would ask you. Once all this is done, I try to understand your style in terms of design and content that best represent you as a brand, creating a customized investor deck for you.